Frequently Asked Questions

We have no “ready-made” covers: All Potato Skins slipcovers are custom made.

  1. We recommend SEAT Cushions come off your Chair or Sofa for a Casual Cover to work.
  2. Covers take approximately 6-8 weeks to make. We need to keep your cushion cases for the duration of the order process.
  3. All our prices INCLUDE fabric and labour. You may also supply your own material. (See below)
  4. All our covers are machine washable – cold water hang to dry .
  5. We do not restuff, reshape, wrap or add down filling to your existing cushions. You can GOOGLE Foam or Feather Cushions to find experts in your area that can provide these services for you … then we will make new cases.
  6. If your back or side cushions look like they should be detachable but are not, just measure over top of them. If you prefer, you can cut them off and cover them separately.
  7. Wing chairs fit better in a custom cover as the wings are difficult to shape and keep tucked in on a Casual Cover.
  8. Copying an existing slipcover is CUSTOM work since we have to open and recut the pattern, hand-cut piping, pleats, etc.
  9. If you are unsure what a Casual Cover will look like; remove any loose cushions, drape a sheet over the furniture’s frame, tuck and drape the sheet as well as possible and then replace the cushions.
  10. All of our CASUAL Potato Skins have fitted arm caps and custom zippered cushion cases.
  11. A 50% deposit is required on all orders. We welcome payment by cash, Visa, Mastercard or Debit Card.
  12. Call 416-484-6299 or email us at
Use this chart to calculate the amount of fabric you’ll need.
Chair Up to 90″ (228cm) 6 Yards or 5.5 Mtrs. for Frame*
Love Seat, Large Chair 91″ – 120″ (305cm) 8 Yds. or 7.5 Mtrs for Frame*
Sofa 121″ – 140″ (355cm) 9 Yds or 8.5 Mtrs. for Frame*
XL Sofa 141″ – 180″ (454cm) 10.5 Yds or 9.5 Mtrs. for Frame*
*Don’t forget to ADD in your Cushion Cases, Arm Caps and Piping to Frame Quantity!
Seat/Back Case Up to 30″ Wide 1.25 Yds or 1 Mtr. per Case
Armcaps/Throw Cushions 2-16″ x 16″ Cases 1 Yd or 1 Mtr. / 2 Cases
Throw Cushions 2-20″ x 20″ Cases 1.25 Yds or 1 Mtr. / 2 Cases
Ottoman/Footstool Approx. 25″ x 25″ x15″ High 3 Yds — Includes Piping
(on cushion seat/back/armcap/throw 16″ or 20″)
— 0.75 Yd – for
2 Seat/Back Cases– 0.5 Yd — 2 Armcaps or 2 Throw Cases
If you are supplying you own fabric it must be at least 54″ or wider and preferably a poly-cotton blend. We also suggest that you wash it first.

For fabric that has to be matched (stripes) — buy extra. i.e. Love seat sofa bed measured 145″ with two seat and two back cushions. You would need approximately 10.5 yards of fabric for the base, 6 yds for seat and back cushions and arm caps and 2 yds for piping, for a total of approximately 18.5 yds. Allow a little extra if pre-shrinking.

Chairs, sofa beds or rounded arm furniture often need larger covers for the extra contours. If you fall in-between dimensions i.e. measured 136″ for a love seat choose the next largest size…sofa at 140″.

Sectional sofas are often missing one arm or have no arms at all. Simply provide the same measurements. For sectionals with a sofa bed and one arm is missing, indicate this when you order your cover.